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Does anyone else find that the days you work from home can be more hectic than the days you are out of the house?   It can be easy to dive into a project and look up at the clock to realise the kids are going to walk through the door any minute.

Most kids can get themselves an afternoon snack if you are really busy.  There are many days where that has happened in our house.  Often it involves a packet of fast easy food.  Today’s tips are for fast easy ways to get fast, easy, healthy food ready, that involves minimal plastic!

      1. Top time saving tip: Use the time it takes to boil the jug for your afternoon tea or coffee to plan and get most of the snacks ready.
      2. Sharing plates never get old: cut oranges, cheese and carrots. Get out the ingredients for guacamole and have the tortilla chips ready to open (yes, I know the bag is plastic… but we are going for low waste, not zero waste)
      3. Get some of the kids greens in. Straight after school is THE BEST time to serve up steaming hot broccoli and cauliflower with melted butter and salt on… seriously!  Try it and prepare to be amazed!  The first few times I did this I let the kids know this was a snack while I got the rest of the food ready… pretty soon this became the main snack!… of course, you could substitute in any other vege that your kids love.
      4. Stick baked potatoes in the oven an hour and a half before the kids get home. The oven heated to 200 degrees C.
      5. Turn breakfast into afternoon tea. Chuck all the ingredients for a smoothie in the blender on your break in the afternoon, then blend it all up when the kids walk through the door.

Top trick: Serve dinner for afternoon tea!  Sometimes, if you know you are going to busy working in the evening, spend 20 minutes getting a dinner ready in the afternoon… and the kids (and you) can have it when they walk in the door from school.   Then the heat is off for dinner time… and they can have an easy afternoon tea for dinner. 




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