About our bamboo cutlery sets

Cutlery set balancing on top of a post


Bamboo is an eco friendly material. It is also very light to carry. The bamboo for our cutlery sets is grown spray free.  Our sets come with no coating on the cutlery, leaving you to lightly coat them every few washes with your favourite cooking oil.

Blue hemp bag up close


Hemp is a wonder fabric, with minimal environmental impact to produce, it is compostable at the end of it’s life.  The outer of our bag is made from hemp.

Cutlery bag inner fabric, blue with white trees


Cotton is a natural fabric, with a higher environmental cost to produce than hemp but cotton is compostable at the end of it’s lifespan so if it is used and reused it can be a good environmental choice.  

Blue hemp bag with zipper handle


Our zipper is hard working and well made.   We are looking at biodegradable options in the future. 

Close up of bamboo cutlery set and bag made by Goagain - tools for low waste living

Bamboo cutlery sets

These beautiful bamboo cutlery sets in a cotton and hemp bag are made to travel everywhere with you.  Light  but robust they can live in your bag and help you never take any takeaway cutlery again!

The fabric is neutral enough for anyone in  the family to enjoy using, while still being beautiful too!

Great to travel with

Made from durable, natural fabrics and a solid, high performing zip, these bags last and last.  Roomy enough for a  straw or extra serviette, the bag is still compact enough for any hand bag, tool box or back pack.  

The whole set is light, but not definitely not lightweight.  We have trialled a set with almost daily use and it is still going strong  a nearly a year later. 

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