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Do you find that some weeks have recurring themes to them?

This week I have been inundated with local produce. Beautiful, fresh produce.

This morning an older friend came around to visit. He’s a gardener and I was embarrassed as he skipped the front door and wandered up the back path to our backdoor, a path crowded with weeds and overgrown plants. My embarrassment turned to joy when I saw the bounty he was carrying: a box load of his excess fruit: pears, peaches, apricots.

I had just returned from a morning walk on which I stopped at a local roadside stall and filled my backpack full of Autumn fruit and veges: blackberries, courgettes, rocket, apple cucumbers.

And, just a few days earlier, I had stopped at my favourite local shop, an old farmhouse shed belonging to an apple orchard, run by old time orchardists. The shed is solid, but ancient: old wooden apple boxes are piled to the rafters in the background, faded signs flake paint onto the shed floor and old furniture in a corner makes an impromptu sitting room.

In this shed, apples sit piled high in more wooden boxes, just picked; homemade jam stands on the counter, and mounds of grapes sit on a table nearby. Not everything in this shop is plastic free, but everything is grown on their property.

What I also love about this shop is that the owners talk about the characteristics of varieties they are selling. This week they were excited because the last of their three varieties of grapes had just ripened: sour, tangy black grapes. I learnt that their whole grape season is just one month: three varieties each lasting a week and a half. We talked about and compared our favourites of those three. I bought two huge bunches, and ate most of them on the drive home. In another week that season will be over.

So, you may understand why, when I open our fridge at the moment, I have such a funny reaction: my heart swells and I feel loved and nurtured. All because of the vegetables and fruit that I see on the shelves.

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