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NZ and family owned


My name is Tasha and sustainable living has always been part of our family philosophy. I am always making, cooking, crafting, growing something.

Our family travels and eats on the road a lot, as we are a family full of surfers and beach lovers.

With a busy family of teens we can also end up eating out or on the run on weekdays.  My friends call my car ‘the kitchen on wheels’.

We live on the wild west coast in Piha, near Auckland.  I also teach yoga both online and in person. That’s one of my happy places.

I started this business because of a simple cutlery set.  I have been carrying  cutlery in my bag and my car for many years, as a way of reducing the amount of rubbish my family would make while eating out on the road.

I could see that there was a growing interest (and need) in my friends and family to find more ways to be more eco.

I started researching ways to make a set that was light, but sturdy. It’s my vision that people will carry them like they carry their reusable coffee cups

I am so stoked you are joining us in making your life more reusable and low waste.   

Let’s find creative ways to live a reusable life!

That’s our mission at Goagain – Tools For Low Waste Living.

We love our bamboo cutlery set, that is light and easy to carry around in your bag or your, so you never need to take a single use fork again when eating on the road. We would love to have everyone carrying a set around, a bit like your (hopefully) already do with your reusable coffee cups.

Our beeswax wraps are made with organic New Zealand wax, and organic cotton. They come in beautiful patterns and are great for wrapping lunches and covering bowls of food.  This is my daughter’s contribution to this business

I make and sell organic cotton face masks helping to keep us healthy and minimising our impact on the environment too.

And my Mum crochets for us… face wipes at the moment… and maybe a few other products in the near future

Our business is a family affair… and I love it that way.  


million litres of takeaway containers litter NZ

thousand pieces of plastic litter exist for every native kiwi.

kgs of plastic packaging are used by each New Zealander a year

great way to reduce your plastic cutlery use - buy a Goagain cutlery set!!.

% of plastic is not recycled in New Zealand

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RD2 Piha, New Lynn,

Auckland, New Zealand 0772

Phone: +64 21 0274 9136